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Timber Frame Homes & Post and Beam Homes By New England Timber Works Unlimited

Please click on any of the images of the timber frame construction projects below to see more photographs of these magnificent post and beam homes in detail. Each of the timber frame construction projects included in our gallery represents the design, craftsmanship and building skills we have been honing for over three decades with our post and beam homes.

Timber Frame Construction Project Photos:

Adler House

Adler Home
West Dover, VT

Canfield House

Canfield Home
West Dover, VT

Carpenter House

Carpenter Home
Deerfield, NH

Deerfield House

Deerfield Home
West Dover, VT

Haviland House

Haviland Home
East Dover, VT

Gordon House

Gordon Home
West Dover, VT

Hendrickson House

Hendrickson Home
West Dover, VT

Joyce House

Joyce Home
West Dover, VT

Kaminsky House

Kaminsky Home
West Dover, VT

No name House

No name Home

Partridge Run Townhomes House

Partridge Run Townhomes Home
West Dover, VT

Stern House

Stern Home
West Dover, VT

Moscatelli House

Moscatelli Home
Crested Butte, CO

Tollen House

Tollen Home
East Dover, VT

Sprague House

Sprague Home
Lenox, MA

The Ranch House

The Ranch Home
East Dover, VT

Oak Hill Academy House

Oak Hill Academy Home
Lincroft, NJ

The Peaks House

The Peaks Home
West Dover, VT

Rubin  House

Rubin Home
West Dover, VT

Gukian House

Gukian Home

Hayes House

Hayes Home
Williston, VT

Crystal Springs House

Crystal Springs Home
Hardystown, NJ

Martinico House

Martinico Home
West Dover, VT

August Lodge House

August Lodge Home
Hartwick, NY

Hayde House

Hayde Home
West Dover, VT

Dillon House

Dillon Home

Haystack Ski Resort Entry House

Haystack Ski Resort Entry Home
Wilmington, VT

Rozell House

Rozell Home
West Dover, VT

Tynan House

Tynan Home
West Dover, VT

Snow Vidda Townhomes House

Snow Vidda Townhomes Home
West Dover, VT

Tauber House

Tauber Home
West Dover, VT

Carthy House

Carthy Home
East Dover, VT

Hansen Bungalow House

Hansen Bungalow Home
Viacas, Puerto Rico

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